We need a unified source of police data.

Our mission is to consolidate data from every U.S. police agency into a single public resource.

There is no complete source of truth for data documenting the police. Everyone wants better systems—documenting the current one is our first step.

To build a single source, we're using Python extractors written by activists to scrape public data from police websites. This is a massive project and we're just getting started—if you're reading this, there's still work to do.

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We can't fix what we can't measure.

Every vision for the future of justice policy starts with the same first step: understanding the current system.

We can use already public data to understand the police systems around us.

Data Collection

There are over 18,000 police organizations, each with a unique way to publish information. There is no single source to access this public data. We can make it usable, measurable, and actionable by putting it in one place.

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Data Storage

We archive raw data extractions from police websites. Our data and source scrapers are publicly available, free of charge.


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