Join our effort

We're building a public library of law enforcement related records. We're from different backgrounds, and each of us has different motivations, but united toward that goal.

Areas of contribution

Anyone who contributes their skills, time, money, or energy moves us forward, and has a seat at the table.

If you don't see yourself represented below, fill out the intake form linked above to let us know how you'd like to help.

Code automated scrapers or follow processes to manually collect data. Most non-coding PDAP members are data collectors.

Automated data scrapers regularly consolidate public police information.
Humans operate semi-automated processes to gather public information.
Facilitate data sharing by good-faith police organizations.

Archival, verifiable, and secure data storage is the core of our mission.

A Holding Ground where data can be dropped by the public, and is then checked for integrity and security.
A "Gold Standard", the unified archive we manage and the primary source for data consumers.
A public-facing data access point that's as accessible and uniform as possible.

Normalize raw data into a unified format. This is part of what makes data useful at a large scale.

Host data for citizens and data scientists, from direct downloads to API web hooks.

Legal guidance, outside perspectives, and information security. If you can help us operate an ethical nonprofit, we would love to hear from you.